perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2014

Christmas is over

So this Christmas i decided that i won't skip the gym just because it is Christmas and it did pay off since i managed to loose weight during that holiday season that everybody seems to gain weight and are desperately trying to loose that in the following months before summer. I don't understand why any holiday should be the traditional, it's not for anyone but yourself if you really think of it and i know that some may say that in Christmas is supposed to be a relaxing holiday but iv'e already said my oppinion on that.

On 24th of December we went with my dad and granddad to eat at my cousins place and they served us sushi that we could make ourselves, i on the other hand apparently ate sashimi if that is how it is written.
My cousins sons were just being themselves of a lovely little rascals :D.

The following day of that we went with my dad to eat at my granddads place, alltough my dad baked? the ham in our place and then brought it to my granddads place and i have to admit that i ate a little too much since i had the worst tummy ache afterwards, well that's Christmas for you haha.

I had for Christmas: That sweater that shows on the picture above, mittens ( from dad ), towel, candy shaped earrings, devil's fist ( problem game ) and a notepad.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!


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