tiistai 23. joulukuuta 2014

About my weight loss thing

I thought that it would be a good idea to write here how my weight loss thing has been going on, so i have almost reached my goal weight which i reset some time ago. I wanted to be at normal weight so i started my diet about 8 months ago and in that time i have lost 29,something kilos, i don't know what that is in lbs but there are some convention charts if you want to find out.

I just decreased my portion sizes and started to exersize or however you say it a bit more and the weight started to decrease, then i watched Abigale Kirsten's youtube video about loosing weight without the workout and that helped a lot too. Some of the tricks in that video however didn't work on me or were working too well ( lol ) so i skipped some tricks but yea it did work on me.

So now i weigh around 79,8 kg:s and i am still over weight but i am not going to stop the workouts or healthy eating's until iv'e reached my goal weight. Lastly if anyone is interested i will put here what i have been eating today ( so far atleast ). Hope this helps just a little.

2 cups of coffee
1 cup of chicken salad with goats cheese
150 ml sprite
1 protein bar

I usually eat in the evenings:

lemon yogurt
turkey salami
real lemon juice with hot water and honey ( trick from the video )

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