maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2014

The blogger programme

I just signed up on the blogger programme! Lets just see what happens, if i got even a few readers from there or through there i don't know how you say it. 

I've been getting ready for Christmas so i have bought just two presents :D one for my friend and one for my cousins sons. I am going to tell them that the gift fell off from Santa's slay or how ever it is said again, sorry i am from Finland so i don't know all the words but i'm trying to do my best. Anyways i would think it would be fun for the cousins sons to open one present before Santa comes and that they would remember that one better. 

This was just a quick update in here since i have to take the dog for a walk and other stuff so i hope that this page has some readers, lol. 


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