sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Grandma's birthday

Today  i went to see my grandma and grandpa and asked what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday mainly the size thing was a big thing to know about, so she wanted a cake for 20 people so that's exactely what she will get. I baked it just now and i can honestly say that bakeing alltough i have been baking for so long a sponge cake base has always been nerve wracking for me, don't ask me why because i don't know why it is so nerve wracking because i have done them so many times with this recepie ore however you say it that i know it is going to turn out wonderful even as hell and doesn't collapse after bakeing.

So now all is left to do is my favorite things the filling and the decorations, i love decorating cakes so much you can't believe. Like said i only hate the base thing making.

Before i baked that cake i went for a long walk with my friend and it is so nice to go on walks with her because she is such a good company and i can talk to her about almost everything and i know she won't tell anyone if i say she can't, i trust her.


perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

Weightloss thing and other things

It's been a few weeks that ive started my new life change thing and i have already lost like 5kg in a couple of weeks and it has motivated me to keep going till i reach my target wieght but i think that it wont stop there since women always say that they can always loose a couple of kilos ore pounds ore whatever measurement you have in there.

I have started to go on really long walks with my friend and her dog but now i had to leave my dog home since he got diarrhea and i don't obviously want to wear him down all togehter and besides he isn't going on any kind of walks till we get his stomach to work properly.

My grandmas birthday is coming soon she is turning 80 and she asked me to bake her a cake ore cakes i don't know for sure yet how many she wants since it is going to be a little bigger than usually, you don't always turn 80 right, well you do if you lie abaout your age but you get my point.


sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Some sauna, cider and company by dad

Juu elikkä nyt tuli taas iskäkin pitkästä aikaa yökylään minun luokseni, eli luvassa on saunaa, siideriä ja jutustelua. Siiderihän siis on nimeltään stongbow omenan makuisena, en kyllä ole ihan varma onko se edes hyvää kun viimeksi kahdeksantoista vuotiaana sitä olen juonut kaikenlaisia siidereitä, mutta nykyään ne on vähän liian makeita minun makuuni.

So now my dad came to stay the night, that hasn't happened for a long time so there will be some sauna, cider and conversations. The cider is called strongbow taste apple, i'm not really sure if ill like it since the last time i drank lots of ciders were when i was eighteen years old, nowdays their too sweet to my taste.