tiistai 6. tammikuuta 2015

Shopping trip to Oulu and Hair dye time.

I unfortunately don't have any pictures on my camera that i could put in this blog but i have some on my instagram account so you can go check them out if you want, my instagram name is juttaylianttila.

So we went to Oulu with my dad on Friday and came back on Sunday and i have to admit that i was so nervous about going there even though i have been going there for ages i just don't know why i still get nervous when i know that i am going there.
But when i got there i was really pleased that i did because i found so many clothes there, most of them were on sale and that was the main reason why we went there on the first place. I found : three jeans, one collage pants, four shirts and one shoes.
One red jeans that i was hunting of for ages costed only 10€! And so did the shoes that i bought cheap as hell and the shoes are really warm and cute.

On to the hair dye time, I dyed my hair myself because while i was in Oulu i asked how much it would cost to get my hair dyed, it was well over 100€! So i thought to hell with that, i'll do it myself and i knew already that one hair dye bottle from store costs around 10€ so i would be saving 50€/dye time.

That was pretty much about it, don't really have anything else to say but that today outside is freezing as hell, -30 celsius! I'm pretty sure my brain will freeze over when i have to take the dog for a walk. :D


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