torstai 8. tammikuuta 2015

Smart shake shaker cup

So when i went to Oulu with my dad i bought a Smart shake shaker cup because i had been looking for it in every store in my home town but with bad luck so you can see why i was so exited when i spotted one on a store called stocmann. These aren't so expensive after all like i originally thought, just 10€/ cup.

In the picture on the left it obviously is in parts so you can see what belongs in it and in the smaller compartment is my sports drinks ready to go for tomorrow's workout. Like said it has two compartments for protein powder and an other smaller one with a divider for your pills if you happen to need them.

The cup itself has a handy thing ( sorry don't know the right name for it ) so your protein shake won't have any clumps in it, i had that problem on my previous shaker when i had anything nearer to a protein shake thing in there. Lastly the most handy and important thing in my bottles is that it is atleast supposed to be leak proof, i tend to splash that thing around a lot.

When i said i was exited i do really mean that, i had to play with it all the time in our hotel room :D. All and all i give this shaker a score from 1-10 an 9 because even though it is perfect there is still always room for emprovement.

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