keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

New workout plan and weightloss

So i started my new workout plan six days ago and i've already lost 900grams which is about 1,98lbs and that means that i am at my normal weight again! I'm super exited about it since i have wanted that since i started this weight loss thing and like i said i finally did it, couldn't be happier.

For other things there isn't that much to say, i don't have that interesting life really i just have been living the normal life, well as normal as unemployed person can live. There is some issues that is standing in the way of me getting a job at the moment but i'm not going to "open" up that subject since is none of anyone else's business ( sorry if i sound rood but that's just the way the cookie crumbles ).

I would really like to visit England some day, more exactly London but it seems to be such an expensive country that i just can't afford it at the moment for the reason i already said, but a woman can dream right?

I'm also not so good on adding photos in here so you can go and take a look at my instagram account if you want and can, my nic? in there is juttaylianttila.

Have a nice day y'all


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