torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

Living in a world with four seasons

So like the title says i am living in a country with four seasons, the winter in here can be really tough with temperatures that can get as cold as -30 celsius. Few people who i have talked online has asked me how on earth do i survive such low temperatures? Well, first of all i'm used to that and if you put on enough- and warm enough clothes you won't get too cold.
I do see some beauty in winter for the snow has fallen on trees and makes them look like, kind of like lolly's covered in powdered sugar and you do get some amazing photos in the winter if you know what your doing.
And then there are those things that i absolutely hate about winter, the coldness obviously and the fact that you have to put on tons of clothes to keep warm.

Then there is the two favorite seasons in my life, first one is autumn when the sun is starting to shine and push away the agonizing darkness and when it progresses the birds starts to sing and the nature slowly awakes and everything just comes alive again, you who live in the countries which has sunlight all year round don't really understand how big of an impackt it has when you had two or three months of nothing but darkness and after that there is light everywhere again.

The second season that i absolutely love is summer, you don't have to put on as much as clothes as in winter you can just walk out of the door and not freeze to death. You just do much more things in the summer than in the other seasons because there is so lovely weather outside and for the arctic sircle where i live in midsummer the sun never goes down in summer.

Happy autumn everyone!


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